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    Where are you based?

    We're happily based in Mission Viejo, California in the United States.


    How does shipping work?

    Megan Dora partners with global merchants and artisans in order to provide you the best prices and the most interesting products.

    Products are sourced globally. Because we ship directly from our global partners, your item may take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Please do not panic if it does not show up immediately, it's on its way :).  During holiday season, shipping times may take longer than the estimates above.

    We offer international shipping options too - no matter where you are, you can buy from us!


    We only received one item so far?

    We have multiple warehouses, and we don't have all products in each warehouse.  It is more economical for us to ship from each when necessary.  You will receive your other products shortly after!


    What if I need to return something?

    No worries! Contact us right away, and we'll help guide you through the process.Please note items of a personal or sanitary nature may not be returned. 


    How do we contact you with press inquiries?

    Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.